The challenge

MFG Group had three websites, one for each of their company divisions, with very little design correlation and none of the innovation, style and professionalism that sets the Berkshire based IT company apart in their marketplace. They were also busy introducing a media string to their bow which required integration.

The solution

Our first step was to create a siteplan in which all four website’s content could be structured and had the copy written accordingly. A photoshoot was crucial in conveying MFG’s competence by showcasing their technological expertise, modern office space and proficiency of the work force. We tweaked their logos to be consistent across the divisions and a new group holding page brought the family of companies together.

What we did

• Website design
• Website build
• Photography
• Copywriting
• Logo design

What they said

We’ve had so much great feedback since our website went live and have been inundated with new leads. Cream Design exceeded our high expectations both in creativity and service.

Mark Flinders, Managing Director



Four websites and a photoshoot

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