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How do you motivate people to be more active, to walk and cycle more? Beat the Street, devised by Intelligent Health, is a game in which players use sensors called ‘Beat Boxes’ placed around a town or city to monitor the distance they travel.

Previous Beat The Street logo

Before and after

The previous Beat the Street logo alongside our redesign.

Beat The Street Logo Design

Brand identity

Our challenge was to visualise the concept and encourage residents to sign up to the initiative. After putting forward a number of visuals, we settled on a whole community based identity brought to life in both printed and digital communications with illustrations by Nila Aye. This approach was agreed to be inclusive and adaptable for changing demographics from region to region.

Beat The Street Beat Box
Beat The Street Girl Animation
Beat The Street Website Design
Beat the Street poster
Beat The Street World Logo
Beat The Street Space Logo
Beat The Street Screen
Beat The Street Envelope

Brand guidelines

The concept was put into practice across a wide range of materials such as posters, flyers, brand guidelines, social media messaging and event materials. We continue to design and deliver Beat the Street’s marketing collateral for every campaign, this includes print management and the logistics of distribution into hundreds of schools every year.

Beat The Street Brand Manual
Beat the Street family photograph
Beat The Street Sticker Design
Beat The Street Hackney Map
Beat The Street Scene

Social media

Since the rebrand 80,000 people have subscribed to Beat the Street’s email communications, 9.5 million Facebook impressions were generated in 2017 and over 1.5 million people have played the game. Success in Beat the Street’s flagship campaign in Reading has led to buy-in in more than 150 locations across the UK.

1.5 million

players in more than 150 locations since 2013

Beat the Street Weekly logo design
Beat the Street Go Wild leaflet
Beat the Street stickers
Beat the Street Go Wild leaflet

‘When we came to Cream we had a great game called Beat the Street but no clear identity to bring it to life. The design process was dynamic and they really listened. I know that a part of the huge increase in participation in Beat the Street is down to our engaging, fun design which has been created for all platforms.’

Katherine Knight, Marketing Director

Beat The Street Beat Box Outside Reading Crown Court

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