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Brand identity

Logo design

Website design and build


Social media

LOCSU support over 70 Local Optical Committees (LOCs) across England offering expertise in regulation and policy. They came to us looking to revamp their brand and redesign their website.

LOCSU old logo design

Before and after

The previous LOCSU logo alongside our redesign.

LOCSU logo design

Brand identity

The new LOCSU logo is composed of four arrows to indicate the guidance the organisation gives to LOCs through a complex and dynamic industry. The icon conveys the subtle suggestion of an eye without going down the well-trodden paths which cropped up at our research stage.

LOCSU business cards
LOCSU letterhead
LOCSU logo animation
LOCSU social media branding
LOCSU brochure cover

Website design and build

As well as showcasing the new brand’s personality, the LOCSU website design needed to accommodate a considerable number of resources which could be easily found. Incorporating a searchable service directory was a key technical consideration.

LOCSU website design
LOCSU website design
LOCSU photography
LOCSU photography
LOCSU photography
LOCSU website image


average newsletter open rate (38.6% industry average)

LOCSU conference graphic
LOCSU pop up banner
LOCSU arrows graphic
LOCSU brochure spread

‘We have received positive feedback across the board about the new branding and website. The new branding gives us a more progressive and up to date feel, and users have found the new website much easier to navigate to find the information they need.’

Richard Whittington, Chief Executive Officer

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