Vann's Shared Secrets Cover Painting

Vann’s Shared Secrets


Lisa-Marie Gibbs


Book design


Print management 

Inspired by the great work carried out at The Lake Clinic Cambodia, artist Lisa-Marie Gibbs and Siem Reap Ivy Guest House owners Vann and Karl, came up with the idea of a charity cook book. Vann told stories of food, shared her very precious recipes and Lisa-Marie drew and took photos, and with our help, their cook book was brought to life.

Vann's Shared Secrets Cover
Vann's Shared Secrets Pages 2–3
Vann's Shared Secrets Pages 6–7

Book design

A compact square format was used, both to showcase Lisa-Marie’s beautiful paintings and Polaroid photographs from Cambodia, and enable reduced-cost postage across the world. Inside, we showcased her artwork alongside a simple typographic grid for the ingredients and recipes, and a fold-over cover referenced the secret theme.

Vann's Shared Secrets Number 90
Vann's Shared Secrets Photo
Vann's Shared Secrets Inside Cover Reveal
Vann's Shared Secrets Geometric Pattern
Vann's Shared Secrets Ankor Watt
Vann's Shared Secrets Chaa k'dow

Craft and typography

A hand-drawn typeface was used throughout as the main display font, taking the colours from Lisa-Marie’s paintings. Texture was added to the pages and photos with a geometric pattern inspired by the intricate carvings from the nearby Angkor Wat temple.

Vann's Shared Secrets Page Spreads

‘I would like to thank Cream Design for their creativity, kindness and generous spirit in designing the book.’

Lisa-Marie Gibbs

Vann's Shared Secrets Chocolate Mousse

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